Week 1 – Commitment is key …

Week 1 – Commitment is key …

Little Man with key

First Week of Master Key Master Mind experience, what a new territory to explore?  So exciting, yet daunting…….. Commitment is key – what a way to learn true integrity (I always keep my promises)?    Finding out my ‘Definite Major Purpose’ is very exciting, my whole life not known really what I want.  As a child growing up, all I wanted was to become a teacher,  yes I got the scholarship, but could not go through with it.  Oh, yes I did forgive myself – eventually – after many many years, once I got the realization that there could not be any blame on anyone but ME!!!  I made the decision to chick in the towel at the time, my decision all on my own. That’s an eye opener in itself?  That was HUGE for me, now, many  more  years on I’m learning about the Master Keys, what an absolute privilege!  This week the realization of exactly what it means : the world within determines the world without.  This is big for me.  Feeling huge gratitude at being granted the scholarship to partake in the MKMMA.  I truly hope that I will not disappoint and that I might add value to someone else’s world with my experience.  But so looking forward to what this deliberate daily actions will do for my own life and world.

Mostly I’m ready to find out  “what I want” and “what is my purpose”  and I pray that I actually will…..

MarkJ, fabulous Davene and their team – You Guys Rock!


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  1. I’m so chuffed you’re in!
    It’s your journey and there is no-one to dissapoint.
    Do the work and you will have the prize!


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