Week 3 – Silence is Golden………

Week 3 – Silence is Golden………

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Here we are…… week 3 of MKMMA

and its been a tough week for me,  i guess my old blueprint is kicking heavily at the changes?  And boy, would it not just be so easy to give in and just continue on old paths?  Yes  But I have to ask myself this?  MYSELF  nobody else has the answer? Right?  ‘do I not daily say load the words ‘ I always keep my promises!”  Yes, daily indeed.  And the scroll from Og Mandino ‘s ‘ ‘Greatest Salesman’   slow but sure, a new habit is forming,   Reading the values, the Master Keys, the scroll, my DMP  – all and i realize, YES!  persevere, push forward, fight harder against old habits and the old blueprint –  It WILL be worth it.

And the biggest challenge of the week?   Getting to calm and getting to ‘silence the mind’   Very challenging,  still not there…… the thoughts jump all over, i pull them back, a fight against   the conscious, against the old blueprint trying to seduce me to giving in or giving up?   But I stayed strong……I WANT to succeed, I want to be able to get to the Total Silence  the one termed “silence is golden”   and I  keep my Promises?  i’m saying this aloud daily?, Now keep it then –  so I sit and I focus  and eventually it is quiet – albeit only a short while, but it felt like eternity?   the old blueprint wants to interfere, want to mock me, wants to challenge me back into old ways!   But I’m stronger every day , than the day before.

i’m getting to enjoy the journey, I realize this I made the commitment, when the sabotage thoughts come up, i just repeat to myself I have integrity, i keep my promises!   and i get to silence again…….

Interesting journey indeed, but I WANT the end result.   and Gratitude at the opportunity floods over me and again I am calm…..quiet…..for short space of time!   Do it Now  Do it Now  Do it now……..

MKMMA silence is a gift



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  1. Great to see you are resisting the easy path that ego / old blueprint would prefer you to take. It doesn’t think the old programme is so bad ‘why change’ refusal of the call is it’s mantra. Building a new mantra is so worth it! Keep up the journey Andree’


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