Press Release – Week 5 MKMMA

Since December 2016 I have lived in this dream log cabin  in the mountains of Riversdale.  The farm and all it has , was fully paid for by time we moved in.   We have been totally self-sufficient and off the grid, this has been exhilarating and joyous with my lifestyle in nature, and i have had  health and fitness.  I  have bubbled with energy and happiness going for long walks in the pine forest on the farm.

I have enjoyed  many visits of  joy with our children, grandchildren, family and friends who have visited and  enjoyed  all our farm has offered.

I have had a  regular income of 50 000 $ per month from helping others become financially free, I gave mentor-ship and help to my teams without expectation of reciprocity with 5 hours < daily on MMM, IMA, MAP, IVD, MDC on-line business.   By 1 August 2016 I had a fixed sum of 100 000 $ in bitcoin and gold invested through these on-line businesses. Nothing  has given me more pleasure than assisting and helping others achieve success and personal growth.

By June 2016 we had traveled twice a year for three weeks to destinations on my bucket list. We took a cruise to Antarctica March 2017, went to Iceland and Greenland, July 2017 and visited the Great Barrier Reef in Australia  diving in November 2016.

We stayed in an ice hotel and saw the northern lights in March 2017, we visited all over Africa, in June and July of 2018 and we  experienced the migration in Kenya from a hot-air balloon, we spent time in game parks in Africa having gone to Namibia, Botswana, Okavango, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt and Tanzania in our luxurious 4×4 camper.

My life has been an absolute bliss, I have enjoyed every minute with Jim, my loving, supporting husband. Our most joyous times has been  riding out on our 3 wheeler Goldwing motor cycle.  By  march 2018 we had completed a guest lodge consisting of  a massive central living area with six on-suite bedrooms as ‘wings’ off the central get-together area, the 7th wing is a scullery and laundry.  we have had maximum capacity  visitors  at the lodge on a regular basis.  I love SEVEN, it exhilarates me!  The lodge has accommodated many and regular visitors for a spiritual retreats and hiking trails on the farm, others have come to just  enjoy the divine beauty of nature,

I accomplished  all this through having  fully lived the Master Key Master Mind Alliance  and by having  served others which has been my greatest joy.




  1. Great press release, wow you have achieved so much the power of our subconscious is phenomenal. Enjoy the journey.

  2. Wow … that is an awesome Press Release. Can’t wait to see the pics from your adventures!


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