Week 2 – Cleaning my Mental House

Week 2  – Cleaning my Mental House

Well, to be totally honest?  Challenging indeed – especially in quieting the mind……. but every day is getting better!

And that old saying ” when the student is ready…the teacher will appear”   its so true?   Learning about quieting the mind and all about the conscious and subconscious mind and ‘scattering thoughts’  , the very next day i received this email :


“Cleaning up our mental house

“Your mind can be likened to a house that has been cluttered over the years with thousands of unnecessary pieces of furniture, pictures, ornaments, and other things, all strewn around and piled everywhere. The result is that, although the outside of the house may present a good appearance, the inside is a mess of confusion and disorder. It is impossible to accomplish anything under such conditions, for you cannot go after one thing without stumbling over another. There is no order. No purpose. No progress. The first necessary thing to do, then, is to rid that house of all but the furnishings that are essential to your success.”

—John McDonald from The Message of a Master

How profound is that……

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